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  1. As year 8 was my entry into High School, I initially felt agreement with those in authority was expected. However within first few months of Term One, it was my Surname’s (S – Strickland) for a “Private Meeting” – with Hamilton Housemaster: Kim Buchanan. Although I was punctual for this scheduled Meeting, I instantly became hesitant when I was asked to close (& lock?) door. “Mr Buchanan” or “Butch” appeared to be manipulating something beneath their desk, during entire Meeting. Unknown to me at that stage, I had the instinct that I should attempt to leave ASAP. Due to this, I had stated that I was expected “in the Music Dept during this Lunch break”. In the years since, I’ve been informed that masturbation was a probable reason for both sealed door (privacy) and “manipulating something beneath their desk” (previously noted).

  2. Anon. on 04/03/2013 at 3:28 pm said:
    Better late than never. Heard that Kim had got caught a few years ago and that felt like a bit of closure. I Thank the men that saw it through. Kim groomed me and had his fun 3 times. I went to BBC from years 8-10. I think that was around 1987.

  3. Verbal comments were recently made, furthering earlier student ‘gossip’ from 1990-94, of potential reasons for sudden installation of frosted glass paneled doors for the Instrument Lesson Rooms. As this Interior Modification had been performed during my enrolment (1990-94), Building Records should exist (via School &/or Council).

    Whilst statements, by some other BBC boys, such as “Kiddy fidler” were often made – due to this RC, closer attention is being made to all of them.

    Michael Golding’s (previous Music HOD) sudden removal was related to this matter.

  4. Bloody KImmy B. I had the displeasure of knowing this vile specimen during my time at IGS from 1997 until he was busted in 2000/01 (can’t remember, I think it was when I was in grade 10).

    He was the “Personal Development” officer. Had his own little office in the building just next to the TC. He was a fat piece of shit and was into Japanese stuff (probably due to the weird kinky shit the Japanese like…..). I remember going on “Personal Development” (PD) Camp to Woodlands with him in years 7, 8 and 9. PD Camp would have been like Christmas for that disgusting troll. School ‘swimming uniform’ was DT’s, and even though we were on camp, funnily enough we weren’t allowed to wear boardshorts – had to be DT’s in the pool. He would also don the DT’s and jump in the pool with the boys. Letting them ride on his shoulders…..*shudder*

    Whilst I wasn’t a victim of his disgusting acts, he was still a very ‘handsy’ person, and was always grabbing boys by the shoulder and ‘belly bumping’ (with his fat gut), which at the time seemed innocent enough, but on reflection he was essentially thrusting at us…..eeeew.

    Sick bastard was into some weird shit too. My mates oldest brother was a few years ahead of us, and one of the guys in his grade was a victim. We heard (via Chinese whispers, so don’t know the veracity) that he liked to have boys flick his sack with rubber bands and rub deep-heat into his groin. He’d also show them porn and whack off together…….god, it makes me sick to type that.

    I remember the day it was announced at school that he was arrested. We had a special assembly and it was Fredrickson’s (the new Head Master) first crisis at the school. We were told not to talk to reporters and if anyone had any concerns (assuming about Mr B) that they should talk to their year master.

    To find out years later that this blight was at BBC previously and doing the same stuff makes me quite angry. I don’t think he got enough time in gaol. They never do.

    • Lawrence,

      I’ve collected some info from Living Well, knowmore & Royal Commission for some Survivors of Butch to have some small catch-ups. I’ve had a few 1-on-1 & group sessions before, which I hope we could start some Brisbane-Ipswich meets? (Last was over a few drinks at a Pub)

      I’ll wait for your response to me on any of the following.

      Tony Harewood
      0410 277 791

    • So many of your discussed points seemed to have been a later (developed) example of Buchanan’s personality. After recently meeting with a past 1980’s student, earlier versions of what led onto their later 1990-91 (sacking-removal) behaviour, leading onto your later (1997) notes. Most humans have their upbringing structured in a positive & social way. Others, in a deceptive & narcissistic manner. Sorry for this sudden add-on!)

      • remember his toothbrush sessions well, over the desk in geog class at bbc year 8 lol, that school was full of either child molesters or abusers

      • If you’d be willing to make any public/private ‘Complaints’ (to report the abuses), I could collect printed info for you, or eMail back some further details &/or meet-up with you, in your choice of area?!

      • Even though many other ‘old boys’ had mentioned this, I’d never realised how publicly Butch had admitted to his form of kink! BBC did have many of (hidden) abusers & another person had expressed trauma from one of the Senior Executive staff, in authority of Butch. (‘pulling the strings’ & silence?)

      • ‘Mr rockhard’,

        Not wishing to discuss your Profile name, I’m curious of your WP response. If & When you’d like to take your side of things further, I could collect printed info for you, or eMail back some further details &/or meet-up with you, in your choice of area?!

        The number of CSA Survivors is growing, not just BBC alone, as I’ve also been in contact with an Ipswich Grammar guy who went through similar 10-20 yrs later!


  5. hey tony, im not looking to be identified but for interest sake we were in the same yr. it doesnt bother me that we were bent over the desk during normal class and “strapped on a regular basis with the end of a toothbrush on the backside, i can assure you in my class many received the same treatment which in that context makes noone feel “singled out”: i personally preferred that method to the senior master who was known for caning boys while having a raging boner, the marks from that lasted weeks.

  6. I don’t know if you also knew that Butch (as Hamilton Housemaster) conducted ‘Private Interviews’ for Yr 8 Hamilton Students, over 1st 3-4 wks. Oh joy I thought, being last in a cue of 3-4 other Hamilton Yr 8’s… He ended-up locking me in the room, made me take off my trousers, while he masturbated during a Lunch break. I ended-up running out of there straight to the Music block, where Golding tried similar in 1991. I’ve got a passion to try to make a dent in the monolith that BBC & GPS bureaucracy hide beneath. If you’re willing to add your comments publicly/privately, it is your choice. Just let me know & I’ll try to get back ASAP.

  7. I’m an old boy of BBC (1986-1990) and had ‘Butch’ as my house master and geography teacher. Vile piece of work and I never liked him. Doesn’t surprise me in the least that he got done as a pedophile. I remember all too well the ‘tooth brush’ and ‘horse bites’ that he’d incorporate into his lessons. His proclivities were pretty openly gossiped about by the students. However, I should say that I wasn’t one of his victims, thank God! I’m very sorry for those who were. I knew Golding as well (played for one of the school’s band) and heard he’d got busted.That did surprise me a bit. I never heard anything about Bradley or had anything to do with him. I’d just add that there was also a strange case about a teacher there, I won’t get into the details, who in ’89 or ’90 got arrested at another boy school’s boarding house at the dead of night. Apparently he had Vaseline on him. I don’t know for sure about the Vaseline bit, but it was reported on the radio and he got fired. So that’s a minimum of two teachers involved in child molestation plus another who apparently got sexually aroused by administering the cane plus another one that, if it wasn’t involving molestation, then who knows what the hell it was. You know, I remember all the time, during the assemblies, being told how lucky we were to go to such a school. Yeah, right. What a complete zoo and absolute disgrace!

    • Butch & Golding were many of the other ‘Old Boys’ Perpetrators. Bradley was another from my (& many other’s) experience. A growing list of BBC employees is listed elsewhere on this site (will provide copy ASAP). One great relief is for those who haven’t been ‘sucked into silence’, now have a chance of some relief: National Redress Scheme should be chased up with ‘knowmore’.

      1800 605 762
      Suite 1, Level 16, 141 Queen Street, Brisbane 4000
      PO Box 2151, Brisbane QLD 4001
      t: 07 3218 4500

    • Old Boy of BBC (1981-88) and coached soccer until 1996. The German teacher (Overlack) was caught at Nudgee College as you describe. If that wasn’t bad enough, once he’d served his ‘punishment’ he was welcomed back to the school as a photographer at sporting events. That’s why I quit- disgraceful.

      • This seems to be a common part of ‘repaired’ ChildSexualAbusers. Either publicly, or quietly shifted from hunting-ground to hunting-ground, not much is known. $ schools/Institutions don’t want their reputation tarnished … think of all that $$$!

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